We Stand for Sustainable Investments
and Good Entrepreneurship
Corporate Management

The topic of ESG – Environmental Social Governance – is becoming increasingly important for the society, investors, and regulators. We promote out of conviction social and environmental initiatives among our portfolio companies, thereby creating trust, values and a competitive advantage. Together for sustainable and successful entrepreneurship.

Responsible Investment Strategy

Beyond Capital Partners considers sustainability risks and value creation potential at every step of the investment process, from the selection of potential companies, due diligence and investment decision-making to all activities within the holding period and potential divestiture of one of our portfolio companies.

An essential part of our personal and professional understanding and values of doing good business and generating valuable returns is to participate in the sustainable development of our environment, our society and economy. In particular, but not conclusively, the following areas are close to our hearts:

  • Good Entrepreneurship
  • Climate action
  • Comprehensive and Valuable Education and Support
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
  • Well-Being and Mental Health

To act in accordance with our values, we committed ourselves to adopt and implement the UN-supported principles for responsible investing (PRI) and to promote the following SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) by advising and supporting our portfolio companies on initiatives and measures, that positively contribute to the following goals:

Beyond Capital Partners
Responsible Investment Strategy

To act in accordance with our values, we committed ourselves to adopt and implement the UN-supported principles for responsible investing (PRI) and to promote the following SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) by advising and supporting our portfolio companies on initiatives and measures, that positively contribute to the following goals:
Through this, we want to ensure that the 3rd party capital provided to us is invested sustainably and with the greatest possible prudence and has a positive impact on the environment and society through our investments. Furthermore, Beyond Capital Partners is a signatory of PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), the UN Global Compact, Member of the German Private Equity Association and an active supporter of Level 20.

Beyond Capital Partners
Responsible Investment Strategy

Beyond Capital Partners
Sustainability Report 2023

Integration of Sustainability Risks into Investment Decision-Making Processes

Beyond Capital Partners
PAI Statement


Key elements of Beyond Capital Partners’ ESG Governance:
Beyond Capital Partner has made key staff members responsible/accountable for ESG issues. Overall ESG responsibility lies at Managing Partner level, ESG supervision and development resides with the Head of ESG.
The Managing Partners and Head of ESG are obliged to undergo regular training and further education and to participate in industry-specific discussion groups and conferences as well as offers from cooperation partners (PRI, Level20, etc.) to ensure that Beyond Capital Partners is always up to date and can pass this on to the investment teams. Furthermore, all members of the Deal Execution & Portfolio Team and the Corporate Team regularly participate in ESG training and thematic updates conducted by our Head of ESG. The portfolio management team and the ESG managers of the portfolio companies participate in the quarterly ESG Roundtables and the annual Portfolio Days, where ESG is a thematic focus.
Beyond Capital Partners has developed a sophisticated ESG Policy which is being enhanced and checked at regular intervals for up-to-dateness, approved on a Managing Partner level and shared among all team members on a regular basis.

External ESG due diligence (by third-party providers) is a mandatory part of every investment project. Furthermore, a Beyond Capital Partners internal, digital ESG questionnaire is mandatory in the run-up to each transaction. Both are included as an ESG risk and value driver profile in the document for the relevant investment committee meeting and are used, among other analyses, for decision- making purposes.

In 2023, a comprehensive, digital ESG reporting system was set up for Beyond Capital Partners and all relevant portfolio companies in accordance with the requirements of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), as well as the requirements of investors and portfolio management, to ensure continuous measurement and targeting of environmental and social objectives.

ESG along the Investment Cycle*

We invest in and work with our portfolio companies in accordance with the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the UN Global Compact.
Principal Adverse Impacts Statement (“PAI”)

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”) requires Beyond Capital Partners to make a “comply or explain” determination as to whether the principal adverse impacts (“PAI”) of its investment decisions on sustainability factors are considered in accordance with a specific rule described in the SFDR. Beyond Capital Partners has chosen not to comply with this regulation at company level in accordance with Art. 4, both generally and in relation to the Beyond Capital Partners Funds I and II.

Beyond Capital Partners has carefully considered the requirements of the PAI regime in Article 4 of the SFDR and in the draft regulatory technical standards published in April 2020 (the “PAI regime”). Beyond Capital Partners supports the policy objectives of the PAI regime to improve transparency for clients, investors and the market and how financial market participants integrate consideration of the negative impact of investment decisions on sustainability factors. However, for the portfolio companies of Funds I and II, the available data is not sufficient in quality and scope to fully comply with the reporting requirements of the PAI regime.

Notwithstanding Beyond Capital Partners’ decision not to comply with the PAI requirement for Funds I and II, Beyond Capital Partners has established and implemented a variety of ESG-related initiatives and policies as part of its overall commitment to ESG, as summarized above. For the avoidance of doubt, none of the information is intended to create the impression that Beyond Capital Partners complies with the PAI requirements for Fund I and II.

For Beyond Capital Partners Fund III, Beyond Capital Partners has decided to comply with the PAI and as part of this decision has prepared PAI reporting in accordance with the requirements of the SFDR Art. 8.

Beyond Capital Partners
PAI Statement

Remuneration Policy

Beyond Capital Partners (along with its subsidiaries and controlled affiliates) has established a remuneration policy (the “Policy”) applicable to all Beyond Capital Partners entities. The Policy is developed, approved, implemented, and monitored by the Managing Partners. The Policy applies to all employees of Beyond Capital Partners, save for limited exceptions.

The Policy has been developed with the aim of supporting Beyond Capital Partners’ business strategy, corporate values, and long‐term interests, including by facilitating the identification, assessment and management of sustainability risks when determining individual remuneration packages. The key principles of the Policy include fostering appropriate risk culture (including with respect to the management of actual and potential conflicts of interest) and compliance with applicable law and regulation.

The performance management and rewards framework envisioned by the Policy has been designed to promote effective risk management, including in particular by:

  • Ensuring that assessment of performance takes full account of adherence to risk management requirements, covering all relevant types of current and future risks, including sustainability risks.

  • Implementing deferral arrangements using co‐investment and carried interest arrangements for senior personnel, facilitating alignment of interests between staff‐members and third-party investors. If the value of the relevant underlying investment portfolio should decrease (whether arising because of a sustainability risk or otherwise), the value of the employee’s holdings will be reduced accordingly.

  • Providing for reduction of variable remuneration awards – if applicable – to senior personnel in certain circumstances, such as in the event that the entity in which the relevant employee works suffers a significant failure of risk management or experiences a significant downturn in its financial performance (as determined in the sole discretion of Beyond Capital Partners), including in connection with a sustainability risk concerning an investment.
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"Even after 20 years, our desire for something new has not yet been satisfied. Together with Beyond Capital Partners, we want to reach the next level, bring our agency forward, open up new target groups and locations and attract new employees.”

Alexander Osterwald,
Founder and Managing Director von ECD International

Alexander Osterwald,
Founder and Managing Director von ECD International

"For us, Beyond Capital Partners is the ideal partner, as we are pursuing the same vision – to become one of Europe's leading experiential marketing agencies"

Jörn Pfotenhauer,
Founder and Managing Director von ECD International

Jörn Pfotenhauer,
Founder and Managing Director von ECD International


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Value Creation Levers

Operational Improvements
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  • Process optimization / efficiency enhancement
Organic Growth
  • Hiring new employees
  • Attracting new customers
  • Cross-selling potential with existing customers
  • Opening of new lcoations: national and international expansion
  • Diversification of service portfolio
  • Increasing brand awareness
Inorganic Growth
  • Acquisition of specialist agencies